Monday, March 10, 2008


We shall celebrate the Spring Equinox on 30 March 2008 at the covenstead, when our High Priestess may present eggs to members of the coven.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Samhain, Blood Moon and Moot

The next Carlford Coven Sabbat is Samhain on Wednesday 31st October and is the fourth open Ritual of the year to be held at Martlesham Creek.

If you are planning to join us please park in the usual car-park at the end of Church Lane and we will be gathering in the large building near the entrance to the Creek grounds. After a toast in mulled wine we will proceed down to our dark grove where we will gather around our Samhain fire to be joined by Will o' the wisp and the Antlered God and our ancestors , remember the Antlered God has come to collect the dead and lead them to the Otherworld..........don't get snatched yourself.

The next full moon will be on Friday 26th October. This is a time of sacrifice and preparation for the winter to come, time to turn inward and commune with the unseen world of Spirit through dream and vision wrapped in the regenerative darkness.

The second meeting of our Moot will be on Tuesday 30th October at the Three Mariners pub, High Rd, Trimley.Come and meet the Officers of the Coven, put your ideas forward for future meetings or just 'come out' as a pagan, they can't hang you for it these days.

Moot Master Ray can be contacted on: 01394 286492

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Modron for Mabon ritual

Our next Sabbat will be MODRON, written by the Coven Maid and to be held at the Covenstead in Martlesham on Sunday 23rd September.

This is a closed Ritual for Coven Members and will celebrate the beginning of the dark season by retelling the myth of the Great Grain Mother and her daughter who travels to the Underworld to meet Keridwen, the Dark Mother, Crone Goddess at her Cauldron of Regeneration and Inspiration.

For the following Sabbat SAMHAIN on Wednesday 31st October we will be joined by guests from Australia. It is likely that we will hold this at Martlesham Creek and hire the buildings for our Feast.
New Moot

Officers of Carlford Coven can be contacted in person at the Felixstowe moot, the first meeting of which will be Tuesday 25th September at The Three Mariners pub, High Rd, Trimley.

Our next Issue 'An Gaoth Aniar' is out at the Equinox, copies can be obtained at the Moot or by writing to John Wragg, 28 Morgan Drive, Ipswich, IP1 5QG.

n Welsh mythology, Modron (divine mother) was a daughter of Avalloc, derived from the goddess known in Gaul as Dea Matrona. She may have led to Morgan le Fay of Arthurian legend. She was the mother of Mabon, who bears her name as Mabon ap Modron (Mabon, Son of Modron) and who was stolen away from her when he was three days old and later rescued by King Arthur

In the Welsh Triads, Modron becomes impregnated by Urien and gives birth to Owain and Morvydd.

Often blended with the Roman Matrona, she is the Tutelary of the Marne in Gaul. In Britain, she appears as a washerwoman, and thus there would seem to be a connection with the Morrigan.

She is one of the most potent of the Celtic mother Goddess figures and is a fertility and harvest deity often linked to Greece's Demeter or Ireland's Danu.

These associations show how deep-rooted paganism is within all the communities of Europe. It's lights may have been dimmed as it's been overshadowed but it cannot be removed from the psyche of people.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Litha 2007

Carlford Coven Midsummer Solstice Ritual will be another open gathering at Martlesham Creek on the evening of Thursday 21st June, 7.30pm start.

We will be having a large Solstice fire and a feast and music to follow.
Robes, cloaks, head dresses, garlands and facepaint are all encouraged as are well behaved friends, kids and animals.

This is a really beautiful site in a private woodland overlooking the Creek and only a crows flight from The Sutton Hoo burial site.

We have access to a large car-park, toilets and lots of firewood.

If you are coming to join us please bring some food and drink to share.

There will be a Coven Newsletter 'An Gaoth Aneas' (The wind from the South) - Quarterly, and Issue 1 will available at this Ritual.

Other news; a Coven Moot will be starting in the Autumn at a venue in Felixstowe.

The next full moon Esbat will be on Saturday 30th June (the Blue Moon) which will be held at Martlesham Creek and we will be making Thunder Water, please bring your own small / medium bottle to take yours home.

Phone 01473 626954 for an invite.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Newsletter for Carlford Coven

It is a 12 page booklet containing colour photos, articles, quizzes, reviews and more and future editions will rely on YOU to make your contributions. The aim is to produce a quarterly Newsletter to coincide with the Solstice and Equinox festivals,

A contribution towards production costs would be appreciated, anything from 20p upwards would help cover the cost of paper etc.

The first issue of the Carlford Coven Newsletter 'An Gaoth Aneas' is out now ! It will be available at the Summer Solstice Ritual at Martlesham Creek or otherwise from John Wragg at 28 Morgan Drive, Ipswich, IP1 5QG on receipt of a SAE A5 size OR from the Covenstead.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Beltaine Moon Esbat

The Esbat Group met on 2nd May for a discussion about the successful Beltaine Sabbat at Martlesham Creek. It was decided to hold Litha at the same spot. More on that later.

We went into the woods to listen to the Nightingales and saw Pipistrelle and Noctule bats.
Back at the Covenstead we did a spot of Tasseomancy (divination by tea leaves). Most of us remember our Grandmothers indulging in the same ritual!


Divination through reading tea leaves was popular in 19th century Europe but is hardly practised now because almost everyone uses teabags instead of tea leaves so no leaves are left to view, after drinking. You need one teaspoon of leaves for each cup and one extra for the pot, make sure the tea-pot has holes large enough for the leaves to pass through. Use white cups with saucers that show up the dark leaves and of course don’t use a strainer! After drinking the cup of tea you should leave a little liquid in the bottom. Swirl the dregs around three times, deosil, then turn the cup over onto the saucer and turn it three times widdershins. The tea leaves stick on the inside & bottom of the cup. Turn the cup the right way up with the handle towards you. Read the cup clockwise round from the handle to give some indication of time, directly opposite the handle would mean ‘in six months time’.
Concentrate on the tea leaves and try to find pictures and symbols; below are some traditional interpretations. Experience will enable you to interpret more easily.

  • Anchor: A journey, at the end of that trip happiness.
  • Arrow: Luck in love affair(s).
  • Axe: difficulties which lie in your path
  • Balloon: you are going up in the world, unexpected promotion or inheritance.
  • Bell: evil spirits are banished
  • Birds: in flight – good news is on the way
  • Book: Ask advice before going further on with whatever you are involved with.
  • Bottle: Your social activities will increase.
  • Bow: There will come a meeting or a date that is important for your further life.
  • Bridge: act fearlessly
  • Broom: a change of residence.
  • Butterfly: Your partner/spouse takes your affair not as seriously as you believe is essential.
  • Cat: false friends
  • Chair: return of an old friend
  • Chain: In a certain activities in your professions you should give more and better efforts.
  • Church: A marriage (also a Bride & Groom)
  • Clock or watch: An important meeting will happen.
  • Crown: Promotion, honour

Saturday, April 07, 2007

May Esbat and Beltaine

Following the success of the April Hare Moon Esbat where we discussed Familiar Spirits and pathworked to meet Spirit Animals our next Esbat will be on 2nd May when we will be trying some traditional divination techniques for this Magical Beltaine Moon.

Our Beltaine Circle is an open Ritual for the Ipswich Pagan Council. This will be held on Sunday 29th April, approx 6.30pm. We will be able to have a fire at our site which is on private land. Friends and family / newcomers are welcome. 01473 626954 or e-mail for details.